Want instant business Growth? Consider these 5 technological strategies

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Want instant business Growth? Consider these 5 technological strategies

Looking back on how business was carried out years ago and now, it shows a great difference.

Decades ago there weren’t things like smartphones, internet, email, mobile marketing etc. what we had in place were handbills, typewriter, land phones and others.

Times have changed and there are so many innovations thanks to modern technology. Now communication is instantaneous, one can communicate immediately via the internet, phone calls and emails.

The good thing is that these innovations have made businesses succeed better, because of improved way of operation through the use of modern technology.

With the use of these technologies even small local businesses have been able to metamorphose into international businesses.

Here are the 5 ways by which business are growing through technology.

The use of payroll system

This is one innovation by technology that is helping businesses to improve their accuracy and efficiency as its concerns staff payment.

Payroll system is a basic part of any business today. This is because companies are urging employees to ask for refunds or reimbursements through apps.

These way employees are also given the chance of having access to their hour tax, pay cheques and other relevant information through the companies’ online portals.

Of course this will eliminate the multiplication of papers which would have form as receipts and note for evidence. With technology staffs just need internet access and the payment information would have been gotten in a breeze.

So through this automation the process of paying employees wouldn’t be a herculean task any longer. Again some payroll systems not only help to improve efficiency, they also offer a wealth of information which will help companies take strategies decisions.

It doesn’t come as a shock the way payroll system is taking the centre stage for independent companies that prepares their payroll and even for consultants that are hired by companies to do their payrolls.

The art of communication

The means of communication has evolved greatly that it can be done in a breeze. The era of waiting for a week-long response from a recipient before a business deal can be concluded is over.

With cell phones now business deals can be concluded in minutes no matter the volume. The advent of cell phones has helped both owners of companies and employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

Cell phone has become like a power house for staying connected and very helpful when it comes to swift response to clients enquires.

Nothing beat a business with good customer care service with light speed intervention when the need arises.

It is a really life-saving as these devices can be used for other things like exchange of emails, access to the internet and the use of business application in no little way.

There’s also the use of it for social networking and exchange of text messages that business leverage on to attract more customers and clients.

So the art of communication is made quite simple, clear and easy now for everyone. Most especially it has improved both internal and external communication for all businesses.

Provision of teleconferencing

There are business transactions that will need more than 2-3 persons from a company to take a decision before the commencement of the deal.

This is made possible now with the use of teleconferencing. The most advance one now is web conferencing where it has brought together collaborative online meeting, audio and webcams. This can help make interaction to be more effective

With all these participants can see one another, work together on documents presented, come to a compromise and finally take an agreeable decision.

So with teleconferencing small businesses have been allowed to extend their business to the outside world. Businesses can be done easily without restriction of boundaries.

It aid in marketing

Before now marketing products and services outside one’s vicinity or country was a huge task.

Even with promotional facilities, there was still the clogged, since the coverage and reach was limited.

But the bar has been lifted now. With internet marketing small businesses are having tremendous growth because the restrictions have been lifted.

There are numerous ways to reach the outer world now, there’s email marketing, advertising in search engine, having an informational website down to advertising on all social media.

The reach is wider now and it is cost-effective since a lot of promotion can be done free on one’s account, with a newsletter, through business updates and offering of coupons.

Mobile marketing has come to be as well, businesses are reaching people through ads on mobile applications text messaging and branded applications.

All of these help customers to keep in touch with the happening of each business. The bottom-line is that business is done in quick way that is really thrilling and exciting too

The act of telecommuting

Computation in businesses is easily done now with the help of telecommuting and flextime. Businesses with different branches is having is easy now too.

Co-workers in different locations can keep in touch when it concerns accounting processes.

There is availability of mobile computing devices, emails and online commuting tools that can ease work flow.

When there is an error to be corrected with just a call or a mail the change can be made without hassles.

Even in offices workers can help one another by sharing beneficial digital documents, information can be transmitted in a flash of light and presentation can be done smoothly.

It is really helpful even for new hires; businesses can create training videos that help bring new hires up to speed with the company’s tasks.


The importance of technology to modern businesses can’t be over-emphasized. It has not only help businesses to become efficient; it has help in sustaining them.

All what businesses need to do now is to inculcate them into its daily activities.

Do you know of other technology that has helped to speed business growth? You can mention them in the comment box below. It will help business owners take notice of them