Employees Learning and Development: Key For Business Growth in Nigeria

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Employees Learning and Development: Key For Business Growth in Nigeria

When it comes to retention of talents in a company, the golden rule used by big brands must be adopted. The words of Virgin Boss holds true here.

He said clients don’t come first but the employees. The vicious circle here is that if you take care of your employees, they will in turn take care of your clients. The big businesses know this and are already taking advantage of it.

Keeping a talent down in a company is becoming a herculean task. A lot of people are turning entrepreneurs and looking out to hire smarties to help them succeed with their business.

The truth is that the millennial that is in the employing range looks out for companies that don’t just hire, but one that will help them learn and grow.

Employees Learning and Development: Key For Business Growth in Nigeria

So you might be wondering why they are so concerned with learning and growth instead of needing just the money.

The following points are the reasons behind this new development.

To solve problem easily

The only constant thing in nature is change; technology is one such thing that is never static. with a fast changing world where technology evolves almost on a daily basis, Employees needs to be trained and retrained to meet this need.

There are always changes with client preference and how business is carried out all the time. It is only when the workforce is invested in that they can evolved to be on top of things around them.

To beat any competition out there, the workforce needs interval development and education.

Technological advancement comes with its own challenges as such employees need to be given the knowledge to be able to tackle what comes their way.

With this kind of vibe it will help the employees to be creative, innovative and think outside the box to tackles issues that will lead to excellence and productivity.

Aid in career advancement

Any employee rendering his service to a company needs to advance his career. Employees want to be more exceptional than when they were hired.

They need to increase in both knowledge and skill in their specific field. So a potential employee always wants to get hired in a company that learning will be a continuous thing for him.

Employees always weigh this option before settling for a company. They will need to know if the experience that would be gathered will help in their growth.

Of course, any firm that would promise a phenomenal growth will be a great attraction for talents and would-be employees.

Improvement in performance

Communication is a great booster when trying to improve performance. This entails giving feedback to those that really needs it for growth.

But the one that is always avoided, is the fact that giving a feedback to the workforce is of utmost importance. The truth is that when a superior,

a boss or an employer spots an employee weak point and accord such an employee the chance of learning through such weakness to be better is even the greatest of feedback mechanism.

It is not always about letting them know what they should do right or not. Taking the former route of allowing them work on themselves will offer a lot more benefits.

The later might help them become better but the former will show the employee that care is guarantee. It will also go a long way in promoting the company perception.

Employee turnover will decrease

Employee turnover is all about how quickly the staff of a firm leaves such a firm for another company. Some outstanding reasons for this kind of movement are as follows:

low productivity which means that the employee isn’t producing at its optimum and as such might want to go where productivity is high,

low growth with their work: no company will want to retain a staff that the progress is on a snail level. It will slow down the company productivity as well.

Another reason is the employee inability to bring to bear teamwork spirit. In most companies teamwork is the key because everyone will be working in the same direction to achieve a set goal, but if a staff can’t blend in, then there lays a problem.

But some business owners have come up with some solutions that can help reduce the incessant problem of employee turnover which include:

offering learning opportunities that might be like mentorship. Another is about intermittent development of the workforce; this will go a long way in promoting the morale of the staff.

This change will show in the level of staff retention and the firm reputation as well.

It will lead to satisfying clients and customers

For every business that wants to be progressive, a satisfied customer should be the watchword.

A happy customer shows a business is getting it right. A business that doesn’t give the end buyers satisfaction means that such a business or brand isn’t good.

So to have customers that are satisfied with services rendered or products sold then the employees must be treated fairly and be happy as well.

The fact remains that when it comes to a business people are the number one outstanding factor.

People are the brain behind the company, people are the process that needs to be attended to, and people are even the product. Without the workforce nothing can be successfully done.

There’s no denying of the fact that customers and clients get the best off a firm when the employees are well developed and know what they really want.

Businesses need to understand that staff development isn’t just for a period, it should be done intermittently.

Every business needs to push their staff to develop self all the time. Good enough there are online resources available now to get these training almost free.

So getting knowledge is made so easy and reachable now, So all hands must be on deck when it comes to workforce development. This will be like making a part of a thing as a whole thing now.