How automated Leave Management System will transform business in Nigerian

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How automated Leave Management System will transform business in Nigerian

The processes involved in the cumbersome procedures when business managers manually processed employees’ leave was susceptible to errors and other pitfalls due to much time and resources utilized to process it and this primary reason necessitated the shift from the traditional manually processing method to the introduction of automated leave management systems.

In today’s technological era, automated leave management systems have been introduced to businesses and organizations as it helps keeps a better track of employees leave with ease,

making the entire process hassle free for both the management and the employees of the organization.automated Leave Management System


It is an automated platform that enables ease and accuracy when identifying, allocating and approving leaves for employees in businesses.

Automated leave management systems thus provides an easy way of managing and administering leave schemes for employees and it’s saves a great lot of time and resources by completely eliminating the traditional methods of recording, filing and sorting documents, thus saving time for other valuable projects.

The challenges of businesses varies when it comes to using the manual paperwork method of processing and tacking leave management processes for it’s employees and if not carefully processed the business could face low productivity and declined employee performance.

The bureaucracies involved in this manual procedures such as transcribing documents, filing forms, detecting calculation errors makes it more prone to errors, it is time consuming and complexed,

paper files can get misplaced and valuable information contained in them could be lost, spreadsheets could become obsolete, capturing the leave information of every employee in the organization is quite arduous and complicated making it prone to lots of inaccuracies.

The less time spent in processing leave requests compelled business owners to implement the automated leave management systems as it takes just a few seconds of clicks and the managers are instantly notified and proceed to either approve or deny the request,

thus the whole process is more flexible, faster, accurate and smarter with the automated systems. Automated systems helps small and medium business to effectively apply leave policies and reduce the time and costs associated with it.

Thus automated leave management systems contributes immensely to an organization’s success through it’s simplifying and mitigating the administrative hurdles associated with the manual method of processing leave.

The Benefit Of Automated Leave Management System and why your business Needs It .


With the inefficiencies that abound with the manual leave processes, the manager saddled with the responsibility of processing employees’ leave is tasked with tracking and following up each leaves request and also updating each employees’ leave balance.

As the organization grows with more employees recruited to the organization the time allotted for collating, filing and reviewing these requests also gets more larger and the manager spends more time ratifying all these requests.

In an organization that pays hourly, the hours the manager spends on the desk processing these requests could cost the organization lots of money as we are all aware that paid time has a significant impact on a company.

With the adoption of automated leave management systems the time spent is greatly reduced and there is a significant return on investment.

Thus lots of time, money and other valuable resources is being saved in businesses that automate their leave management processes,

personnel expenditures accounts for a major chunk of operational cost and automated systems salvage these costs and saves businesses and organizations from unnecessary expenditures culminating to a significant return of investment.


A major perk of automated leave management systems gives managers easy access to relevant employees’ data.

All the information containing the employee’s leave are digitally stored and could be easily retrieved and accessed anytime and anywhere.

This facilitates ease of access as the employees can always access their leave status, also their details are safe and secured digitally through the automated systems.

Thus automated leave management systems simplifies the administrative processes just with an internet connection without having to go through the spreadsheets.


Automated leave management systems facilitates easy, fast and accurate track of employees leaves, the hurdles and hassles that comes with the manual process is drastically mitigated, with automated leave systems absenteeism rate drastically reduces.

The process is clear and transparent as the number of leaves availed and the number of leave available are accurately stated.


Owing to technological advancement, managerial tasks have been made much simpler, more effective, much accurate and more efficient taking away the cumbersome process of maintaining and working through spreadsheets.

Traditionally, managers would have a hard time keeping track of all their employees due to lack of proper access to information and reports, with automated services managers now have direct access to important attendance reports.

This information makes it easier for them to implement better management decisions and allocate resources appropriately.


Automated systems also ensures discipline in an organization as it is designed with total compliance and strict adherence to the organization’s vacation policies, laws and regulations,

attendance is greatly improved and cases of absenteeism is reduced to the barest minimum as the employees are aware of the consequences of non compliance with the regulations governing it.

Both employees and managers have equal access without discrimination and there is absolutely no favoritism. This helps strengthen and facilitates discipline in the organization and business growth is ensured.


With the elimination of manual process of leave management system, errors are totally removed, as the employee applies for leave, the manager is instantly notified and proceed to analyse the employee’s leave status and could either approve or deny the leave request and instantly the software automatically updates the leave balances.

Business owners always look out for effective solutions that reduces and eliminates loads of errors in calculating and processing leave benefits and

the viable option they have is to welcome the idea of automation of leave management systems as it completely eliminates errors and even the most complex function are accurately and easily processed.


Organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of transparency in an organization, automated systems comes with transparency as all the information are made readily available to both managers and employees.

The visibility it offers paves way for employees to view their leave balance, leave history and current leave application status,

the managers while processing it using the automated service would process it without bias or favoritism thus making the process transparent.