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The Banks in Nigeria have put in efforts, drafting plans and strategies on possible ways to curb fraudulent and criminal activities in the country, with the full support of the Federal government.

So far they have been able to achieve their goal by the bank verification number generated, an ID number issued to everyone with an account with any commercial bank.

The Bank Verification Number is a biometric universal system of identification created by CBN in collaboration with NIBSS to eliminate illegal transactions in the bank. Everyone is entitled to a BVN code for security purposes.

How To Check BVN On First Bank

Thankfully, the first bank has devised an easyway for customers to check the bank verification number without going to the bank. Everything can be done with your mobile phone without a data connection. All you need is the BVN code and you are good to go!

Interestingly, to check your bank verification number you do not need any data subscription or to use an expensive mobile phone. You can get it done with the cheapest phone brand on any SIM card you want.

To check the BVN code simply dial *565*0#. This code can be used on MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, and Glo SIM.

Note that some amount of money will be deducted from your account for this service. #10 to #15 is required to perform this action, it is so affordable.

How Can I Get My BVN Number From Bank

The Nigerian government has given a strict law to query anyone without a bank verification number or freeze an account that isn’t registered with a BVN.

Therefore, no transaction is approved without a complete bank or personal detail provided to the bank officials. That said, to avoid any issues with your account, you need to get a bank verification number registered on your phone number. To do so, you will have to enroll in any bank of your choice.

You won’t have any difficulty enrolling for BVN as we have listed some of the steps to follow

Steps to follow to register for your BVN

  • • To get through with your registration, head to any bank along with your voter’s card, Driver’s license (any valid Identification card will serve). You will be given a BVN enrollment form to fill out.
  • • After filling the form accurately, your fingerprints and photographs will be needed next for your biometrics.
  • • If you are done with all protocols, you will be issued a mode of identification or a ticket as proof of registration.
  • • You will receive your bank verification number from the bank via your phone number in 24 to 48 hours.

Benefits of having a BVN

  • A BVN can be used in all banks. It is just as important as your account number and recognized in any commercial bank. With this code, all transactions are monitored by the Central bank of Nigeria, any suspicious activities will be queried.
  • • A BVN number is used in securing your account. With this code, all transactions performed are monitored and any suspicious activity will be queried. For instance, if there is an unusual withdrawal or payment of a huge sum of money to your bank account, it will be frozen immediately and you will be notified of these actions.
  • A BVN number gives bank officials every information about you. So there will be no need to confirm your account or identity whenever you go to the bank.

Note: Diaspora’s can also enroll for their bank verification number in a legit center in any country. All they need is a valid Identification card (International passport).

How To Check My BVN On First Bank App

You can check your bank verification number on the first bank app if you don’t want to go through the stress of going to the bank. You do not need the phone number linked to your bank account to retrieve your code on the app.

However, before retrieving your BVN number using the first bank application software, you must have access to the internet after a successful registration.

To register,

– You must download the first bank mobile application, make sure you use a fast browser and uninterrupted network to avoid disconnection at some point. If it happens, you may have to start afresh.

  • • After downloading the app, start the registration process. If successful, log in using your banking account information.
  • • Upon completion of account details, proceed to check your bank verification number.
  • • Go to settings > click on BVN. Instantly, your BVN number will be displayed on the screen.

Alternatively, you can check your BVN number from the first bank directly if you don’t want to use the USSD code or app.

At the bank, your account number and identification card will be requested to start. When all that is provided, your BVN number will be given to you. Whichever process you wish to follow is perfect.

Can I Check My BVN Details Online?

BVN numbers can also be checked online using a USSD code issued by banks. Bank verification number is the same in all banks, this enables CBN to track your account.

To check BVN Code online, you don’t need a big phone or data. All SIM can serve, you can either use MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, or 9Mobile.

To retrieve the BVN number,

Dial *565*0# it works for all networks. If you bank with Guarantee Trust Bank, check your BVN by using the code *737*6*1#. You will be charged #15 for the service.

How many numbers is BVN?

BVN consists of eleven numbers. This is a vital code used across all banks in Nigeria. It is required for every important document including the NIN registration.

Can I Check My BVN Number With ATM Machine

Checking a BVN number with an ATM is also an easy process. All that is required is your master’s card or Visa card. Slot it into the machine, some options will be displayed on the screen. Press “Check BVN”, you will see your BVN pin. So easy!