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Do you have an account with first bank Nigerian? Here is an excellent guide on how to check your bank verification number with your phone, USSD code or from your banking app.

Online fraud is one of the many troubles faced by Nigerians and which financial institutions has to deal with else it could cripple banking operations and deal a heavy blow on the economy.

The central bank of Nigeria has understood the need to protect customers deposits and thus they have provided best ways to help track financial fraud in the system.

I believe you must have heard of Bank Verification Number? This is just an ID number every customer is assigned with and without this unique digit number transaction, opening of new account will be impossible.

Note : The Bank Verification Number is a biometric universal system of identification helping the bank to know who their customer is and also his or her past financial history with other banks within Nigeria.

This innovative idea was created by CBN in collaboration with NIBSS to eliminate illegal transactions in and outside the banking hall. Everyone operating a bank account in Nigeria is entitled to just one BVN code as its impossible to have two BVN for security purposes.

How To Check BVN On First Bank

Do you operate an account with first bank ( current, savings, student account) and want to check your Bank Verification Number?

We have provided you with steps to check your BVN with any of your account maintain with First Bank Nigeria .

Interestingly, as a first bank customer, to check your bank verification number you only need your phone and also the sim attached to your account. Believe me you don’t need any data subscription or a big smart phone to perform this operation. With just your nokia touch light phone, checking your BVN is possible.

To get started checking your first bank account BVN, just use this code *565*0#. Dial the given code on what ever network provider you are using, be it MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, and Glo SIM.

Note : checking of BVN is not free of charge. Service fee will be required so you need at least 20 naira airtime balance which is not expensive.

How Can I Get My BVN Number From Bank

Steps to follow to register for your BVN

  • The first step is to ensure you have a bank account first. Don’t forget to go with a means of identification like I’D card. Get the BVN enrollment form from the bank and fill out necessary information there.
  • when you are done filling the form with all information or personal details required from you on the form; then your fingerprints and photographs will be captured.
  • If you are done with all protocols, you will be issued a mode of identification or a ticket as proof of registration.
  • You will receive your bank verification number from the bank via your phone number in 24 to 48 hours.

Benefits of having a BVN

A BVN protect your account from unauthorised move of large funds and this BVN can be used in all banks.

It is often said that your bank verification number is as as important as your bank account number.

You should always have it with you anytime you are going to the bank to do any transaction as this is the channel through which CBN monitors all your transactions.

• just as we said BVN protect your account in various way. Before anyone can log into your profile with the bank, your BVN will have to be validated first and to do this your fingerprint will be captured. This shows the layer of security BVN provides to ensure that everything is tracked and when you are not around no one can penetrate your account.

• you don’t need to struggle to proof your identity to the bank, your BVN is all that is needed and alongside with your fingerprint. Wth this all your information is displayed on the screen.

Note: Diaspora’s or those living in foreign land like Europe, America or Asia can also enroll for the ongoing bank verification number program, just walk into a centre provided by the Nigerian embassy there . Ensure you go with a valid Identification card (International passport).

How To Check My BVN On First Bank App

Do you know that You can check your bank verification number (BVN) right on the first bank mobile banking app? Yes this is possible through the app.

The first bank mobile banking app provide numerous self service option to customers, if you don’t have it you can download it now through Google play store.

One of the downside of this is that you should have an internet enabled phone, then a running subscription to enable you have access to the Internet.

To register,

– first download them first bank mobile banking application on your android or iPhone , here is the link to download the android version

  • • After you must have downloaded the first bank mobile banking app, you now have to start the registration process, You can do it your self. If successful, log in using your (password and other information) banking account information.
  • • Upon completion of account details, proceed to check your bank verification number.
  • • Go to settings > click on BVN. Instantly, your BVN number will be displayed on the screen.

Note : first bank are known to update their app frequently and certain features are remove. So if you don’t see this feature please you can Alternatively make use of the USSD code which to me i prefer.

Can I Check My BVN Details Online?

Bank Verification Number can be checked online through the NIBSS BVN portal

Here is the url link

Note that this method is used to validate BVN and other information which means you should first know your BVN first through the methods we provided here before proceeding to the NIBSS BVN portal to verify.

Remember that checking your BVN through your phone requires no Internet network or data subscription. Just your SIM and phone then you just dial the USSD code given on this page through your MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, or 9Mobile line.

To retrieve the BVN number,

Dial *565*0# this is known to works for all networks; be it MTN Glo, Airtel etc. Are you banking with Guarantee Trust Bank? If yes then check your BVN via this USSD code here *737*6*1#. You will be charged #15 for the service.

How many numbers is BVN?

Bank Verification Number also known as BVN is made up of eleven digit unique numbers. This is 11 digit code is unique in the sense that no two customer have same number and it is to be used across all banks in Nigeria.

For transaction to take place or any activities or documentation, your BVN is required.

Can I Check My BVN Number With ATM Machine

Yes of course you can, as this feature has been enabled in ATM machine. Rather than your phone, this time around you are to use your master’s card or Visa card,

go to any ATM machine closer to you then Slot your debit card into the machine, look at the options that is displayed right there on the screen of the ATM machine. Press “Check BVN”, you will see your BVN pin. So easy!


The Federal government of Nigeria through the central bank of Nigeria has mandated all commercial banks in Nigeria to restrict transactions on any account not fully linked to BVN.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has given a strict law to commercial banks to query anyone without a bank verification number or freeze an account that isn’t registered with a BVN.

To avoid any problem or issues such as your bank account being frozen or ban to withdraw or transfer funds please do your best, register for the ongoing bank verification number process, go to your bank and link all your bank account with your BVN.