How To Check BVN On GTBANK:USSD code

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A lot of people complain about the issue of poor banking services in some banks. Having to spend the whole day in a long queue before it finally gets to their turn.

However, this isn’t the case in some banks like Guarantee Trust Bank. At GTbank, you experience seamless internet and online banking with reliable services and bank staff that are at your beck and call any time of the day.

That said, be rest assured that you will get nothing short of the best from GT bank, there would be no hassle with registration or account opening or anything you wish to do in the bank.

Everything has been made easy! So for those asking how to check their BVN on GT bank, no worries as there are ways to achieve that. Follow these steps, and you are done!

– The first is via internet banking:

This is a fast method, just with a click and you will have your bank verification number staring you in the face, just as long as you have data. However, before you get on with it, make sure you registered already to log in.

After you log in, go to the menu. You will see some options displayed on the menu, your account balance and BVN pin will also be included.

– Next is through mobile banking:

The GT world mobile app is one of the quickest ways to check BVN. GT bank built two mobile banking apps, the first one has been in use for some time now, while the second app was recently created.

To get started, first download the app from the google play store, you must have access to the internet or WIFI to perform this action.

After downloading, sign up to the account if you still haven’t done that. Creating an account is simple and won’t take much time.

You will be required to input some details like a registered phone number (the number you linked to your GT account).

When you are done creating an account, log in to the GT world mobile app. Click on the menu and immediately, it shows your bank verification number on the left side of the menu.

– Another step is by using the BVN code:

The interesting thing about the bank USSD code is it works for all banks, and you can also use any SIM.

With this code, you can check your bank verification number on any phone, be it a sophisticated or a simple one. Any phone will do as long as the number is registered to your bank account.

To check your BVN simply dial *565*0# and your pin will appear on the screen. Note, this does not require any internet or WiFi to retrieve your BVN code, only a service charge of #20 is needed which is fair enough.

– Check BVN at the bank:

This is another simple way of checking your BVN number, trust me, it’s as easy as all other methods mentioned above. Just take a stroll to the nearest bank and get it done.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be GT bank, it can be done at any bank of your choice. On getting to the bank, head straight to customer service and let them know you want to check your BVN pin.

Don’t forget to go with a valid Identification card and bank account number as they will be requested. Once you hand them those details, they will do a quick confirmation and then give you the pin.

How To Check BVN With GTB 737?

Guarantee Trust bank code 737 is a common code used to check bank verification numbers. The GT bank code is reliable, fast, it works anytime without an internet connection.

One amazing thing is that it can be used on any phone. So both Nokia and iPhone users can use it.

However, for this code to be valid, it must first be activated. After the USSD code *737# has been activated, you won’t have any difficulty retrieving your BVN number.

To check the bvn number with the GTbank code dial *737*6*1#. After dialing the number on your phone, your banking detail such as account number, BVN number, and even the contact number linked to your bank account pops up.

Note: #15 will be deducted from your airtime balance for every information you try to get from your bank, whether account balance, BVN number, or an update.

How Do I Register For BVN Online?

When this bank security code, which is the BVN number, was newly introduced to all banking sectors by the Central Bank of Nigeria, everyone fought to get their pin.

The crowd in banks grew by minutes. You can be in the bank from morning till afternoon unattended due to the population. It became very exhausting and frustrating to both the staff and customers.

For this reason, bank officials devised a way in which customers can register halfway online then come to the bank to complete registration. This way every customer is settled.

BVN online registration benefits everyone, especially people who work full time, they barely have time for themselves, let alone spend a few seconds in the bank just to enroll for BVN.

An online pre-registration form has been provided for customers online. To enroll for BVN, you must fill out the form online, inputting your detail.

Then for the second stage, you will go to the bank for biometrics which is the most important part of registration. At the bank, you will be captured and your fingerprint is taken to complete the process.

How Can I Update My BVN With GTBank?

Updating your bank verification number can be done with ease in GTbank. To update, you want to change some information like name, status, phone number, age, etc.

To make these corrections, you will have to present some important documents before the staffs attend to you.

Documents needed to provide ;

  • – Marriage certificate
  • – Birth certificate
  • – International passport (to change your name or contact number)
  • – National Identification card

How To Link BVN With GTBank

There are several methods to link your BVN with GTbank. The steps are listed below;

The first step is linking through online banking. To do this,

  • – Login to GT bank internet banking
  • – Go to the top left of the menu bar and click on the link BVN
  • – Tap on ‘New request’ in the option
  • – Insert your BVN number in the space provided
  • – Click on the bank where you enrolled your BVN
  • – Some questions will be provided for you, answer and press ‘Continue’

Linking through BVN website;

  • – Login to the BVN portal website: and confirm your bank account number
  • – Click on the bank you got your bank verification number
  • – Submit after successfully linking your BVN
  • Linking via ATM
  • – Gonto the nearest ATM stand. Slot in your GT bank ATM card into the machine
  • – Some options will be displayed on the screen, tap the ‘BVN link’ button
  • – Insert your BVN pin. Next, verify your bank verification number and other detail
  • – Select Submit

Linking of BVN through message

Linking BVN via message is quite simple. What you need to do is send your bank verification number to 08076665555

Linking via GTbank code

Your BVN number can be linked through the GTbank code or USSD code 737. To do this dial *737*20*BVN pin#

How To Check BVN On GTBank App

As we stated earlier, to check your bank verification number on the GTbank app, you must download the app from the play store.

Make sure you have a good internet connection or sufficient data, else you won’t be able to perform this action.

After downloading the GTbank mobile app, install and log in. Click on menu and BVN. And you have it!

How To Check BVN On Airtel, Glo, And Mtn

Before checking your BVN, ensure you have airtime, at least #50 as your balance because #20 will be charged.

If you have confirmed your airtime balance and it is positive, then dial *565*0#, and your BVN pin will be shown on the phone screen. This code applies to all mobile networks