Providus Bank Head Office Address

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Providus Bank Head Office is at Plot 724, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island.

Email Address: providus

Contact Number: 070077684387


Providus Bank Limited is a 4-star rating financial institution service provider located in Lagos. They are one of the most reliable banks in Nigeria, with a flawless banking system.

Providus bank has good reviews from customers and even from their employees, which has increased over the past years. They top the chart of the tier 3 banks in Nigeria and since their approval as a commercial bank by CBN and the National banking regulator, have kept amazing records.

Providus Bank Limited was licensed as a regional commercial bank in June 2016. Their main focus is to render services to small-scale businesses, large organizations, investors, agencies, and financial institutions.

Who Is The Owner Of Providus Bank?

This reputable bank is run by dignified personnel such as Walter Akpani (CEO of Providus Bank), Alhaji Hussani Dikko (Director), Kingsley Aigbokhaerbo (Executive Director), Chuka Eseka, Funmi Agusto, Maurice Ohokwai, Bernadine Okeke.

They all work towards the growth of the bank, making sure that customers get the best services.

Walter Akpani is a banker with an M.Sc degree in Finance in Scotland. He started his career with some renowned banking institutions, both national and international. He was among the first staff to work with Commercial Trust Bank, ICON Stockbrokers, Platinum Bank Limited.

At ICON Stockbrokers and Commercial Trust Bank, he was the Head of the Treasury Department and his performance in tese banking industry was top-notch. Also, he led the financial institution in Platinum Bank Limited where he was appointed the vice president in institutional banking.

After serving the Platinum Bank Limited diligently for years, he set up his establishment, the Providus Bank which was formerly called Mortgage Bank.

How Does Providus Bank Operate?

Providus Bank is both a private and personal bank in Nigeria. They provide a convenient banking policy for customers to handle their accounts from any state within the country.

Providus bank operates in every private banking institution like business, personal, and institutional banking. They also extend their services to hospitals, agricultural sectors, entertainment industries, etc.

With the use of advanced technology, they offer first-class treatment to clients across the globe, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Providus bank explores different options, plans, professionals in Finance to achieve their goals. It has become one of the famous financial institutions in Nigeria in the past years since it got registered by Central Bank.

Currently, it is regarded as the number one banking institution that offers business ideas, solutions, to start-ups, portfolio management, personalized relationship management. This bank builds a financial support system for organizations.

How To contact Providus Bank

Contacting Providus bank had been made easy for every customer by the bank officials. You can reach them anytime, any day, and also get a quick response when you do so.

To contact Providus bank, follow the steps below;

  • • Visit their official website @
  • • After login into their website, you enter your name, email address, and complaints or questions you want to ask.
  • • Then click on submit when you fill in the necessary details. Instantly, you will get a response from their team as regards your questions or complaint.

How To Open Providus Bank Account With Or Without BVN

The goal of Providus Bank Nigeria is to set up a seamless banking system, thereby ensuring a fast, easy, and smart way of transactions. So far, they have been able to achieve that giving rise to millions of customers from all locations.

Providus Bank Nigeria has successfully created an app that enables customers to open an account from anywhere, with or without a bank verification number.

There are some steps you should follow to successfully open an account with Providus bank, providing important documents and personal.

Documents needed before opening an account with Providus Bank Ltd includes;

  1. • Utility bills
  2. • Driver’s License
  3. • Passport photograph
  4. • Voter’s card
  5. A few steps to open a providus bank savings account:
  6. • Request for a registration form via online banking
  7. • If given the form, fill in with required information
  8. • Place your scanned passport photograph in the space provided on the form and your Identification card (whichever one is requested)
  9. • Submit the form after completion
  10. • Your account number will be sent to you after some minutes. Your savings account is ready!

You can choose to print out the registration slip and keep the hard copy as proof of registration.


Providus Bank Nigeria is considered one of the most sustainable and convenient banking institutions, with full banking options provided to all clients.

Their services are cheap and effortless, at Providus bank clients are met with 100% assurance and uninterrupted transactions. Be sure to have the best banking experience!