10$ Dollars to Naira Black Market Rate July 18, 2024 Convert 10 Dollars To Naira

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How much is $10 in naira black market?How much is $10 in Nigeria?How much is $10 in Nigeria black market today July 18, 2024?

the cost of the United state dollar has been updated as follows

When we went to sell and also see how much dollars are treaded here in Lagos we found out that you can be able to buy 10 dollars at 16450 and sell 10 dollars at 16200.

Nairatoday.com reports that in the black market, the players buy a dollar for N16450 and sell for N16200

we are using this page to file report on daily 10 dollars to naira rate at the black market.

so where ever you are, just be rest assured that we will keep you all updated with the daily exchange rate of 10 USD dollar to naira as updated and sold in the parallel market also called the Nigerian black market.

we based our prices on the exchange rate operated by the Burea De Change (BDC) operators in Lagos and Abuja respectively.

Dollars to Naira (USD to NGN) Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate 16450
Selling Rate 16200

this page and all information put down on this portal concentrates largely on black market dollar to naira exchange rate and we believe such information will help you and our  esteemed  readers make informed decisions on daily basis.

so if you want to get update on how much 10 dollars is sold in the black market you are advised to use this page wisely and only use this as a guide and not a finalised decision.

remember that we get our sources or figures from various Bureau De Change (BDC) markets in Lagos, so you can equally step out and check the the prices while you still use the comment box to let us know your findings.

The exchange rate of 10 dollars to naira black market as of today how been converted for you. it was calculated using today’s black market exchange rate. Please note that this is different from Central Bank of Nigeria rate which is cheaper.

The CBN exchange rate is the rate which CBN sells dollars to the bank or to individuals who approach them through the bank for specific reasons. the only place you can get Dollars easily is at the parallel market or black market.

Note that we do monitor the market and make adjustments to the rate. all you have to do is just keep refreshing the page of $10 in naira black market for today’s or current rate to be adjusted.

Disclaimer: we do not in any way set daily forex rate. we have no power to determine forex rates. The rates we display here, are what are being traded in Lagos and Abuja respectively.