HR technology is here : reduce rates at which employee leaves your company

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HR technology is here : reduce rates at which employee leaves your company

The Nigerian companies have not been having it good when it comes to hiring new employees.

The companies sometimes expend so much in recruiting new employees only to have them leave in six months. The funny thing is that a quarter of these new employs know how long they will remain in a company.

They know from the very first day and they will end up leaving within the first 6 months. This must be a very annoying experience for the recruiting officers.

The truth is that recruitment exercise cost a lot, same applies to investments that was made in to hire short stay with the company.

It has been thought out that with the availability of HR technology, there are ways this nightmare can be curb.

The following are ways to go about having it right with HR technology.

The company should be more engaging

The era where hires are treated as slave is over, because new employees no longer wait long to take all the unfavorable treatment before moving on.

Truth be told, the companies with high turnover rates lacks engagement with the hires.HR technology

So with this digital era that jobs can be found on the go, companies need to be more engaging or else they will continue to have a high level of turnover.

To reduce potential employees from having a date of leaving your company from day one, you can use the following tips to increase your level of engagement.

Put the new employees on the company’s portal with a welcome video from the chief executive officer of the company, this will get them relaxed and thrilling.

Promise to offer help in whatever capacity it will be needed. Set a reminder for each hire’s birthday; get them to chat with mentors that would be of help.

Just go further to celebrate them; it will help them relax their itching foot to prevent moving swiftly to another company.

Get only the right fit

A lot of time hires get frustrated on the job; is when they are wrong fits for a particular task in a firm.

When once the complaints and reports are becoming incessant, the employee involved only an option which is to opt- out.

Companies can avoid getting misfits for their roles if they carefully search out perfect fits for their companies. This is the era of big data; it is left for companies to take advantage of it.

So for companies to have hires that are smart and of good behavior using a good HR software is the best bet.

The HR software wouldn’t only supply what the company expect from a hire, it will also go further to find such hires.

This would have been concluded and sorted out before the company has any on site interviews.

Early payment of salaries

This should be the very first reason for high turnover rate in Nigerian companies. No hire will want to remain in a company that the pay is low and again, it isn’t paid on time.

Truth be told, the major reason why people seek employment is to make money. Though there are other unique reasons but money is the top most reasons.

So when once a company isn’t forth-coming with good salary payment and sometimes delay in the payment, the hire has start counting the last days in the company.

So it will make no sense wasting a huge resource to recruit employees and pay low salary or default in payment. If you are not careful, you might just be repeating the recruitment exercise in the next 6-8 months.

The way out might be to have the payroll software, where all workers salaries are automatically transfer to their account at the end of the month.

This will eliminate any kind of errors or hassles for the employees.

Make available avenue for growth

When once an employee sees that there will be no chance of growing in a company, there is always the urge to drop off.

Companies can eliminate this mindset by genuinely caring about building career path of its employees.

New hires have budding career, so will always want to know how the company will also be of help to them career wise and in other areas.

So companies helping to pay for some courses , paying tuition for more studies for the employees, helping them offset loans that were incurred by the employees will go a long way to retain the hires in the company.

Well, if the company doesn’t want to engage in career building that will be expensive for the company. Signing the hires up for less expensive courses will still be helpful.

Put in place a performance reward program

Everyone loves the feelings of being appreciated, it can make one remain in a place and aid one in doing more. Same is applicable in the workplace, an employee will be feel valued, when appreciated for work well done.

once a company continually rewards an employee verbally or physically for whatever reason, it is like a tonic given to stay.

So Nigerian companies need to imbibe this as one of the HR technology to adopt. The HR technology will make it easy to key in the bonus for each deserved employee at the end of the month,

it will be automatically add to the salary and paid out at once. The bottom-line is that the technology will enable all those that deserves the bonuses rewarded and this will be transparently done.


Despite the fact that there’s no guarantee of hires staying with a company for a long time. But certain things that will aid this stay should be on ground to help them stay.

So businesses only need to put together things that will help the hires to stay. The best the company can do is to build a culture that will attract employees and also help them to stay as long as possible.