DASH (DSH) to Naira Exchange Rates

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DASH rates

Updated on Nov 27, 2020
Naira value :
Dollar value :
Reverse rate | DASH to NGN
1DASH = 0.0000216993 NGN
Reverse rate | DASH to USD
1DASH = 0.0107411386 USD
Previous day comparison(Naira)
Change +₦7,778:67
%Change +20.3068%
Last 30 days High/Low(Naira)
Highest ₦46,084:50 on Nov 27, 2020
Lowest ₦31,712:99 on Nov 10, 2020
Previous day comparison (Dollar)
Change +$12:96
%Change +16.1717%
Last 30 days High/Low (dollar)
Highest $93:10 on Nov 27, 2020
Lowest $68:20 on Nov 10, 2020
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Dash is an awesome currency launched to the digital market in 2014, and it is also an excellent platform for making various transactions. Built with a blockchain technology, this cryptocurrency is quite similar to Bitcoin.

However, users notice some extra improvements that makes it different. It is famously known for its transaction speed that is also higher than that of Bitcoin, as it makes use of the Masternodes model and have some added features like the InstantSend and PrivateSend features.

This digital currency also reward users involved with mining by providing them with some coins. On the blockchain system, there are masternodes and miners that working continuously on transactions.

However, the masternodes perform some more special asks than the miners, as they are in charge of Instant transactions and Private transactions. Thus, these masternodes tend to get 45% out of the rewards offered for mining. For a user to qualify for a Dash masternode, he must have attained 1,000 Dash coins.

Also, Dash is a decentralized network operating on a self funded and self governing method, and it was formed from a Litecoin fork.

As a self governing platform, they can readily fund whatever project that comes up in the future, as the platform holds 10% from the work of miners. Transactions on Dash requires the provision of both the public and private keys, but you must have a suitable wallet first.

Furthermore, these transactions do not require an intermediary or a third party, and you can easily obtain the records of all you transactions, as they are fully documented. The Dash currency offers several benefits, and most persons prefers it over Fiat currencies.

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