Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Naira Exchange Rates

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Bitcoin cash rates

Updated on Nov 27, 2020
Naira value :
Dollar value :
Reverse rate | Bitcoin cash to NGN
1BCH = 0.0000073868 NGN
Reverse rate | Bitcoin cash to USD
1BCH = 0.0036564408 USD
Previous day comparison(Naira)
Change +₦18,082:53
%Change +15.4165%
Last 30 days High/Low(Naira)
Highest ₦5,867,608:11 on Nov 10, 2020
Lowest ₦0:00 on Oct 28, 2020
Previous day comparison (Dollar)
Change +$28:11
%Change +11.4557%
Last 30 days High/Low (dollar)
Highest $15,324:61 on Nov 10, 2020
Lowest $0:00 on Oct 28, 2020
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Bitcoin Cash is a unique digital currency that was established in 2017, and since then it has gained so much popularity. Formed from a “fork” of the renowned Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency allows smooth and easy transactions, much more with the increase in block size.

The actual formation of the Bitcoin Cash was due to the smaller block sizes in Bitcoin, as this new platform plans to increase the block size within the range of 8mb to 32mb.

The increased size of the blocks enables the processing of more transactions. Although it is a stand-alone digital currency, it shares a lot of similarities with Bitcoin.

Both the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin works with a “proof-of-work” algorithm that takes care of the coin mining activity. However, transacting Bitcoin Cash is quite cheaper and faster than transacting Bitcoin.

Mining on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain requires that you get a wallet that would accommodate your rewards. Users can also mine alone or do so in a mining pool that contains a group of other Bitcoin Cash miners.

In 2018, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain was split and from it were formed the Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash ABC.

Currently, various persons around the world are adopting Bitcoin Cash as a mode of payment, since they don’t require charge backs for any transaction.

To get started, users need to get a suitable Bitcoin Cash wallet, and they can also exchange their coins to Fiat currencies by employing the assistance of third parties that are readily available.

Furthermore, users can trade their coins on legitimate platforms at any suitable time.

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