1000$ Dollars to Naira Black Market Rate|Convert 1000 Dollars To Naira

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the exchange rate between the Dollar and Naira has not been stable, the currency fell at the black market

.We have to adhere to CBN and we are displaying CBN rate

According to the recent data obtained from today’s session at the black market, naira closed at 1120000 per $1000 on 18, Thu, April,2024

This means that if you have 1000 Dollars to sell, you should be willing to sell it at at the parallel market for 1090000

Please note that 1 Dollar is 1120 Naira in black market, hence we help you to calculate it with our tool and algorithm.

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1000 Dollar to Naira exchange rate table

A country like Nigeria that is largely dependent on foreign products, Exchange rate is very important. This has really not been of help to the Naira, making the Naira Non convertible.

This means that the Naira can not be easily bought or sold anywhere,its just amongst the weakest currency so far.

The troubling question in the mind of everyone right now is why is US dollar exchanging for? Is there anything that can be done to reverse or improve the Naira value? Let’s hear your voice in the comment section below

How much is 1000 dollars in Naira

How much is 1000 dollars in Naira black market